December 17, 2018

Emotional Intelligence ‘Sarah’ by Mercedes Financial Services

Emotional Intelligence ‘Sarah’ by Mercedes Financial Services

Emotional intelligence ‘Sarah’ by Mercedes Financial Services

This year the Festival toke place in Stuttgart.

One of the highlights was a live show of Sarah, the artificial emotional intelligence from Daimler Financial Services.

She is able to read facial expressions and reacts in an appropriate behaviour.

Sarah was developed by Soul Machines,  a startup from New Zealand and specialized in emotional intelligence. Their main goal is to bring technology to life and give customers the feeling of talking to a human instead of a machine. Sarah is already in use at an american call center.

Emotional artificial intelligence was the main difference between humans and machines until now, it was the unique feature of humans.

Therefore it is extremely challenging to evolve a system, which is able to show hundreds of expressions, with minimal muscle tensions.

The customers face is tracked by a camera and the expressions on his face are classified into different emotions, for example astonishment or joy. Of course also the voice is recorded, but the basis is the face.

Another feature is the natural appearance of the avatars. They are created based on the model of real persones, who were filmed with different facial expressions and emotions.

The avatars from Soul Machines have an artificial brain which recreates a human brain with different parts, which lighten up, when the neurons are stimulated in this special area.

At the festival it was showed, that Sarah not only reacts with full sentences and fluent conversation to a customer situation but also with understanding gazes, reacting accurately to the customers expressions. The digital avatar appears natural and self- determined. Maybe it was rehearsed, maybe it was the result of perfected machine learning, in any case, it was very impressive.